Beth Gault

How Can we Create a Positive Candidate Experience?

Name of consultant answering questions – Beth Gault

How do you go about making your candidates experience positive?

One of the things I love most about working for Artemis is the consultative approach our consultants are encouraged to take. Our consultants very much take the approach of making sure the job & candidate is a really strong match & both are happy with the final offer. Through doing this we are also increasing customer satisfaction which will help with repeat customers. On top of this, at Artemis we reject the mentality of ‘sure that will work for you in the short term & then we can look at something else’, we want to make sure that our candidates are 100% happy with the job & company on offer and that they can see themselves there in the long term. We don’t want our candidates to go into a job they will not enjoy and only be in for one year. Our aim is to ensure they are happy with the role as it is then a win-win.

What do you do to ensure your candidates trust you?

I think a big thing is listening. Any candidates I work with, I try and get them at a time where they are happy to have a call with me & I can really go into detail about what they are looking for in their next role. To add to this, I like to find out why they are looking to leave their current job so that I can gain a better understanding of what they are looking for in a new position. This shows my interest in them rather than just trying to get it done as quickly as possible.

At Artemis one of our core values is integrity. We will never send your CV without your full consent & knowledge of where it is being sent to. We don’t want you to get approached by companies without you having an idea that is going to happen and we are completely transparent so that you will never be caught off guard with a random interview request for a role you don’t remember agreeing to go forward for. Another thing we take the time to do is make sure that when we are submitting your CV, we always ensure that our clients know exactly what your requirements are. So, when I send across a CV, I will also include a brief synopsis of what you are looking for in your new role (whether that be salary requirements, flexibility etc.). This means that you are not wasting your time in interviews where the prospective employer can’t offer what you need.

Do you think that having a strong brand image ensures candidates are happy and more likely to use us?

Our brand image has allowed us to become one of the most respected & reputable agencies in the local market. A large % of job seekers say that how they perceive the brand from the outside plays a large part in whether they would consider doing work with them. A lot of our business comes from candidate & client referrals, & we think this speaks volumes! So many of our lovely candidates have recommended friends and colleagues to us when they are beginning their job search. Similarly, the clients we work with often come from referrals as well, meaning we work with some exclusive & exciting local businesses. I think this is really unique and offers us as a distinctive option when looking for new opportunities. Having a strong brand image is so important no matter what line of business you are in. Potential clients’ first impression of you is how they perceive your brand online or through word of mouth. Thats why it is so important because you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Previous candidates’ experience with us:

Name: Alicia Brady

Job Obtained: P2P Assistant

How was your experience being placed by Artemis?

I had a great experience dealing with Artemis, as a new job seeker straight out of university it was very daunting to start looking for a new job and not knowing where to start, Artemis made this an easy process and guided me through the process. I was unsure what path I wanted to take and I was made aware of all options and which would best fit my career.

What did they do to ensure a positive experience?

The consultant ensured I was fully prepared for my interview ahead of time, I was given a full comprehensive overview of the company to ensure it was the right fit for me not only the job but the culture which was really important as I am a young individual, I wanted to join a company that was fresh, and a good culture fit for me. I was also given feedback from my interview and got a great offer.

Would you use them again if you ever wanted a career change?

Yes, I would definitely use Artemis in future if I was to think about a change. They were so easy to work with and relieved a lot of stress for what would usually be a very stressful time.