Are you finding your current role Taxing?

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Is it time to make a move?

Individuals and businesses both large and small all need good, clear and concise tax advice.

As a tax specialist, you have an important role to play in helping your clients understand the world of tax.

A career in tax offers a mixture of law, administration and accountancy and it draws on a range of intellectual, presentation and personal skills. You will be working with clients and offering advice in an ever-changing and dynamic sector.

There is an appetite in the market for strong Tax Professionals, these roles are exciting and varied.

Each person I speak with is seeking something different but there is one phrase that is more frequent than the rest…


This can mean different things to each individual. Given the current environment and the difficulties we have encountered, the emergence of a hybrid working environment is a topic in every conversation.

There are very few clients/companies that are not either still working from home or not offering a flexible working environment. Going forward this hybrid approach to home/office working looks likely to continue.

Here are some examples that come up time and time again when I interview tax professionals….

  • I am very career focused and I do not feel that I can progress quickly enough with my current employer.


  • I do not feel that I am using my qualification, I want to do more tax advisory/planning work, but I am mainly doing tax compliance.


  • I would like to work reduced hours, but I do not have the option to do this with my current employer.


  • I want more variety in my work. I would like a more general tax role, perhaps in a smaller firm.


  • I want to work for a firm with the opportunity to be more involved in growing the business and to work closely with my clients.


  • I would like to be able to use my accountancy qualification in a role which involves a blend of accounting & tax.


  • I trained with a smaller firm which was fantastic experience but I now feel that I want to progress my career within a Big 4 environment – is this a possibility?


  • I do not feel valued in my current position, I want to know the culture of other firms before I consider a move.


The simple fact is that as we progress through our careers, our priorities, needs and expectations change.

The firm you trained with may not necessarily be able to offer you the career progression you desire.

You may decide that you’d like to gain experience in other areas of Tax but your current role doesn’t afford you this opportunity. You may wish to work in a Big 4 or larger practice environment where you will get experience of working for a global brand with Top 100 clients.

Artemis Human Capital will help to make your next move the right move for you. I am currently working on a wide range of tax opportunities which could help you find the right role and working environment.

For a confidential conversation about your next career move, do not hesitate to contact us.